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Parhelion Logic by Martyna-Chan
Parhelion Logic
For this draw I took inspiration from some things outside of the serie of Diabolik Lovers. (But you know that sometimes I like to make a soup of all, especially when i imagining~ just before putting my ideas on paper.)
To begin with, in some way, the idea came to me to get to work listening, after years "Cantarella" from Vocaloid ~ ♥
Then from everything is ready, I wanted to draw a pseudo Victorian Ayato style, but ended up in ~ what you see in this pic ~
(Think about that initially in the sketch the subject also wore a mask always Victorian styled, but ...For once that the face of the protagonist almost satisfy me, I thought I'd let you see him well ~) o(´^`)o
With respect to the collar around his neck I was inspired by the "collar restriction of power" Blood Lad (I recently read until the last volume came out in Italy)
As for the pose, and the action in general, I give fanservice to me  again .///.
I have no idea why he bites//hurt himself...but I found he's so sexy like that~~ (again according to my personal taste by which is very sadistic♥, obiviously baby.)
About the pseudo gothic windows in the background, who knows me knows that I love this environment since i was a child~
And the roses...Vampires somehow have a "relationship" with roses,
Also I have always liked roses stuff, and lately I like its even more~ ​​
As you can see on the right side, the roses will "disintegrate" effect made as to represent blood, but is in fact a form of rose...
Ah the ear piercing (again, WATT fixation) I do not know why but I love to draw it. (UNNOTICABLE from my arts huh? xD)
Again, the title came from Ayato's song :…
-///A///- ♥♥♥
A R C A D I A by Martyna-Chan
Little try to draw my fav character of the moment + motherfuc*ing abstract background.
There is nothing to understand,
The initial idea came to my mind meanwhile I was eating AN APPLE. lol im so idiot~ ( ゚▽゚)/
so I thought to draw my dear Ayatuccioh~♥ while showing a an apple with some fuchsia juice, biting it just with his fangs, letting out the beautiful color fell from it! **
All this while there holds out his hand, inviting us to "go with him" (?) <- WAIT I AM COMING *takes the hand //shots herself// XD
(Yes, of course the fanservice is always first and foremost FOR MYSEL- Um ... for "Ore-sama" U/////////U ~ ♥)
About the abstract background (which I started three times, because the pc crashed :'D DAMN.)
I tried in some way to portray through those clear white lines, some of the abstract themes that remind me about Ayato and the vampire stuff .__. ' ...
What exactly, blood, bats .... Then ... um ... The eyes have brought me a little 'to my old draws of Soul Eater C': But... they suits well there to I thought I'd add the same.
Ayatowears the clothes of the game Dark Fate as you can see, I enjoyed drawing it with these outfit.
But the thing that was definitely more fun for me to draw was the expression of psychopathic in Ayato-kun's face x///)
I tried to tattoo on the wrist and on the left cheek of Ayato the symbol of the Sakamaki family...But it came very badly, btw the idea was interesting maybe ~~ ~~
In the other cheek, let's still some blood, because Its never enough for me~♥
I called the picture "Arcadia" Cause one of this BEAUTIFULVAMPIRE songs, the one i am talking about is called just Arcadia♥♥♥ Here :…
I love it so freaking much i can't stop earing it~ and the other Diabolik lovers themes too♥
that are just wonderful, and ispires me a lot!!
And...listening HIS voice makes MY HEART MELT~~
Dornenkiste by Martyna-Chan
Dornenkiste… :dummy:

That blond she's a bomb, she's an atom boomb~
Ahhh~~ The sparkling princeee~~!♥

You know what I say generally about my favourite fictional characters huh~?

I Usually likes Tsundere // darkhero // short tempered , guys , in anime, manga ans stuff
And..I swear,
When i started watching the anime of Karneval, my favourite guy was Gareki♥ Who i call My Male!ver, since i see myself in him personality x//D
But...well, i start to read the manga, and i finished all the italian volumes ('till just the 7th here ;_; SIGH.) in one week...
Taking an eye on...the blond guy...
So........I DUNNO HOW...But........I choose him.
but i have hard time thinking about who i like more between he and Gareki-kun
Btw i think i prefere him since...I am thinking about him AS MUCH as i TRIED TO DRAW HIM so badly, considering the wonderful BEAUTIFULNESS of the original artstyle...
Oh man..I cant belive i like this guy~♥♥♥
I can't really...
Maybe is about his berserk evil side, who probably have attracted me SINCE THE 8TH ep. of the anime Dat KYAAAAAAAAHH!!! And that LAUGH...I MEAN...OH MAN SO SEXAY.
But I REPEAT, He's not my type!! X//D
Anyway..I think i should deal with it .///.
I mean, at least i've liked one similiar guy too in Wakfu times for those who remember i liked Tristepin! O__o'

What can i say....WEIRD LOVE HAPPENSSSS~~~♥

As i said berserk side there~ and you can see it from the bicoloured hair :dummy:
Half gold // half silver
Yogi // Silver!Yogi...huehue~

The title of the pic should be how he calls one of his attacks in the serie~

its the first time i draw him. that's why is so baaad ;-; sowyyyyyyy~
Yandere triplets xD by Martyna-Chan
Yandere triplets xD
Just to let you know that things my poor sketchbook is seeing in recent months, drawn on its pages.
This it is an excellent example :

Whereas these are possessive vampire brothers, I think that a sketch stuff like that, came totally naturally for me.
I think my favorite characters in Diabolik Lovers,
are currently the Cordelia's triplets :heart:
(For those who didn't followed me lately) I have a irreversible crush for Ayato, who get bigger and bigger by the days~... BEAUTIFUL THING.
I give Kanato 2nd place in my tiny fangirl heart (which i'd cuddle him all the day, because he's a very lovely shota pretty little psycho~)
And somehow....I often think about Laito / Raito too... LOL I do not know how, and why, but ok-
And i dreamed about him and some Ayato some nights ago... O_______O WELL, not so important ^___^ ; XDD)

My beloved Ayato is undoubtedly the sadistic-possessive one, and this is a peculiarity of his personality i can see.
But the other two are not joking tho, so...
I found it quite "normal" try to draw them in Yandere trance ._____. '

Parallelssss. by Martyna-Chan
Guess who's the overobsessive fangirl out of there~?

Weeell→ I wanna make you see how i react, in my like about the
Love stuff, and how i see love in my fictional beloved fantasy world~♥

Well well well, as you can see..

The start is on the left side
There's a chibi me who as the real me xD says that she can't understand what means fell in love and stuff,
she dont like couple stuff finding that kind of things disgusting and admit that she's sure that she can't fell in love NEVAHR.

Right side <V<

You know that last years, after sorta like 5 years, i re-feel my deep love for Kyle from South Park~
I had a crush on him in 2010/2011 and in August 2014 something MAKE MY LOVE FOR HIM BURN AGAIN X//D !
I just draw me, who hugs a lovely Kahl's plushie, describing how beautiful is re-fall in love with an old fictional crush of years ago~~ **

Me in front of my PC discovering Jeff the Killer's story for the FIRST TIME since i've never been so attracted to it... Thanks to the evil guy SPIN OFF Called "Martyr" from Kyoichii~ Based on Randy Jeff enemy and first victim in original story
and...find my FAVOURITE of the story just...THE BAD GUY OF THE ORIGINAL STORY = Randy. X///D
I fell in love with this character so much~♥♥♥♥
totally ignoring Jeff~ Well...its wrong but...IT HAPPENS.

Right Leftt~
Ayato-kun is the recentest of my fictional character crush,
and i find he so PERFECT, considering he has such great characteristics i usually ADORE in one fictional character♥♥♥♥♥
He's a vampire, he has red hair, green eyes, he's so tsundere, he's sadistic like me LOL and i love his childish being sometimes, and his obsession to become the best in everything~
and i fuc*ing love him so much <////< i cant stop thinking about him i swear X//D !!!!

LAST. Under the Ayato-kun's one
There's a RECENTEST-EST-EST me, who's reading Karneval manga (i am reading this manga these last days :) and i found it so beautiful!!)
the artstyle is gorgeous to me, and i like the story and the characters too♥ in someways it conqueared me X///D
About this serie, something weird happened :
I've fist seen the anime some weeks ago, and now i am reading for the manga...
I've seen the anime, loving Gareki-kun since he's totally My Male!Ver considering HOW tsundere he is. I am really like him when i am not around people i trust and stuff, i swear.
But...reading the manga same story and stuff, just something more... and i start to...LIKE YOGI O///////o Who's just NOT MY TYPE OF FICTIONAL CRUSH or stuff like that!!
I started to feel BETWEEN THEM, Hard to choose over the two guys , the brune and the blond, but...
IT HAPPENS i realized that i started think about Yogi so much and i probably feel something a little more for him also if he's NOT the usual type of anime/manga guy i like .-.

So...this is the end.
I can LOVE just fictional characters,
I CANT love real guys, and lovey-dovey things~ c:


Martyna Blackdiamond
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
~THE ORIGINAL Flippyna (HTF) and Martyna The Vampire Kitty (STH) And moar moar other charas here :… OWNER. ©

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✿◠‿◠) She's got to love nobody ✿◠‿◠)

You've come to the simple profile of a teenager, with trends a little out of the ordinary.
I am Martyna.
Aka BlackDiamond Martyna, Martyna-chan, Martynika, Lula or Taolengirl.

I'm 21 years old
I like to watch anime, and if the serie im following satisfies me, i look for the namesake manga too,
I like to watch some cartoon too.
I love to draw main characters of anime, manga or cartoons.
My dream was to become mangaka, cartoonist or illustrator. But i perfectly know that i can't coz i suck at drawing, therefore, I unleash my imagination keep it as a hobby. :heart:
When I'm bored I create video tributes devoted to various characters that I love.
I am very shy and suspicious, I tend to not show my true person first, I prefer to study well the environment and the people around me before I bring out my true personality.
Apparently silent and detached, i can become sociable and kind with those who deserve it and with who I feel comfortable.
I'm a hopeless dreamer, I like to fantasize and dream impossible situations that may occur in the future, with a bit of luck, or just new themes for my next drawings...
I do not practice any kind of sport, I am a lazy person.
I like everything about Japanese culture.
I love the style of dark-gothic lolita Japanese and I love the vampires.
One of my worst faults is probably my confidence, which, as I said before, initially makes me a difficult subject to understand. But in reality I just need time to trust people, this stops me in love too...
I'm clumsy with the opposite sex. sometimes I think that i just can fell in love with fictional characters only and, that's just that happens in fact.
But I do not have a problem with that, because at the time I am more then ok ALONE. I do not feel right to tie my life with that of a '"foreign". Think what you want, this is what I see.
But I am like that.
Who loves me follow me, otherwise i don't care.

As I said I love things, which comprise :

Some classic old anime : CandyCandy, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Ojamajo Doremì, Beyblade, Beyblade G Revolution, and Cyborg Kuro-chan.

Then : Kodomo no Omocha, Shaman king, Princess Resurrection, Rozen Maiden, Toradora, Tagen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Kuroshitsuji, Soul Eater, Shingeki no Kyojin, Ao no Exorcist, Mirai Nikki, Kill la Kill, Noragami, Blood Lad, Blood-C, Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai, Higurashi no naku koro ni, Diabolik Lovers, Karneval.

I like also some cartoon : South Park, Happy Tree Friends, Kids Next Door, Wakfu.

...And some game stuff : ODDWORLD, Sonic the hedgegog, Wakfu MMORPG.


..And a TV serie : Supernatural.

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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 20, 2015, 9:24 AM
:skullbones: Martyna's Journal :skullbones:

From : :iconlynus-the-porcupine: :hug:

10 facts about me

1) I'm suspicious, and cold with people i dont know / i dont trust
2) I usually feel more love for fictional characters then real people
3) I am single and proud
4) I am tsundere, lol
5) I am that type of fangirl that don't ship characters but instead ships myself with the fav fictional character in the serie i am watching~ 
6) I DONT miss the school
7) I hate talk about my problems even with people I trust, because it hurts to think about it, then I prefere hide my true feelings also in front of people i love
8) Sonic boom disappointed me
9) I think i am a little this can be seen also in my arts x'D
10) Fictional characters, anime and manga are my escape to my actual shitty reality :heart:

Lynus questions C: 

1. For her ~ what would you save between a shoe store and a hairstylist boutique if they'd burn? / For him ~ what would you save between a videogame store and a comics store if they'd burn?
. I pick hairstylist boutique...but guys options attacts me more >3
2. How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
.I am 1.74 mt x 54 Kg ~
3. What size do you wear? (clothes, shoes etc.)
Usually S for clothes , about shoes EU 40
4. Last book/comic you read?
.I've just finished the last "Blood lad" volume :la: Now..waiting for the next I've start to read "Karneval" just right now :)
5. What films are you going to watch at cinema?
.something impresses me particularly from the title...
6. Do you like to cook? Why or why not?
. ~Its a little weird but...I never tried to cook xD
7. What art form do you like best?
.Drawing and music
8. Do you think it is important to be in fashion?
.Not much
9. Do you think that the Internet usage is an anti-social activity?
.Nope, if you use it consciously
10. How can you make 7 even?
.omg noeeeesss x) I dunno...

My questions :

1. Do you prefere comics or manga?
2. How old are you? (lol)
3. Are you a student or you've got a job?
4. you're the kind of quiet or chatty person?
5. What you fear the most?
6. If you were rich, how would you spend your money? >3
7. what do you think about yourself? W
hat advice would you give to yourself? ._. wtf
8. You're the kind of person who regrets, or who keep fighting?
9. You cry often?
10. you consider yourself irascible?

DO IT if you want my watcherssss~
You are free C:


~Friendsssss~ <3

:rose::heart: :iconsilviawesker: :heart::rose: ~My first online sis! - (I know her since AGES, she always been so special to me, she's just like a real big sister to me, and now she have DA...Im so asdfdsjfskjgkj! I owe so much to her! c: )

:skull::heart: :iconpetunia43: :heart::skull: ~My dear close friend - (We are really alike! ** I adore this girl, i can always count on her!)

:blackrose::heart: :iconblackdragon-kin: :heart::blackrose: ~My Lovely Dragon Lady - (I know her in real life :'D I love her, she's a great friend, and she's very precious to me!)

:aww: :iconshadowfromrapture17: :aww: ~My DA Son - (I know this guy since much years, he's just like my psychologist,I can always talk about anything with him.)

:heart: :icontrancos98: :heart: ~My Brother - In real life :3 - ( I love my bro guys, he's so nice with me.)

:blowkiss: :iconmomo-chee: :blowkiss: ~My SBF WAIFU ** - (I think that this girl is the queen of the swetness *-* she's one of the nicest people i've ever meet, she's an awesome artist too, i admire her so much, and i feel so lucky to have her as my close friend, she's so adorable! I love you hun!!)

:love: :iconiggydrop: :love: ~My Loyal Butler - (She's always been so loyal and so sweet friend with me, she always been so nice to me, and i care about her so much! ^^ )

:star: :iconjessiethetiger: :star: ~My DA Twin - (She's awesome guys!! This girl is always so kind with me ^_^ we have a lot in common, it's always fine to talk with her! that's why she's my DA twin! u_u)

:aww: :iconfabiennesweet: :aww: ~My "Sweethearthoney" - (I CANNOT forget to add this girl in one of my special people places *hurrdurrplz* This girl is just A CUTIE SUGAR~ She always can turn my gloomy day into a bright sunny day with all her nice way to act with me >//< I love her so much!!)

~ ♪♪♪ ♪─O(≧∇≦)O─♪

:blowkiss: :iconw0lfey: :iconthe-piratequeen: :iconyooriyooriliz: :icondarkgotica92: :blowkiss: First DA Best sisters

:hug: :iconmcmxc2: :iconfeu-jane: :iconikrysx: :iconxxpimpninja07xx: :icondebsie911: :iconxxmysticaxx: :iconmadmoizelle-sirkis: :iconlynus-the-porcupine: :iconrobylollyyugoaz97: :iconlilbrownfox: :iconlanefurno985: :icongambzilla: :hug: DA greatest Friends

:iconblackheartplz: :iconblackheartplz: :iconblackheartplz:

:iconblackheartplz: :iconblackheartplz: :iconblackheartplz:
Martyna The Kitty Stamp by Martyna-Chan
  • Mood: Anxious
  • Listening to: Falling reverse - I'm not a vampire
  • Reading: Blue Exorcist , Blood Lad and Karneval
  • Watching: Diabolik Lovers and Kamigami no asobi
  • Playing: Try to understand Diabolik Lovers IN JAPANESE C':
  • Eating: Ovomaltine~
  • Drinking: Red orange juice


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