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November 2, 2012
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Martyna's sketchs MADNESS. by Martyna-Chan Martyna's sketchs MADNESS. by Martyna-Chan
Ehhhm...what can i say? ._.
Some crazy stuff from my art block? ^^;

Well well well,
let me start to explain,

Let's begin with a normal Pinpin & Rubilax (Rubi ^o^) sketch...
next to this you can see a Pinpin's KAWAII face xD and...
below, you can see Eva's attack >D ehehehe i started that sketch thinking about a normal kiss scene, but well...It seems that it's improved...xD

LOOL The Falling Pinpin into Eva's chest it's born like a crazy try of the pic : [link]
I was thinking about a pose for Tristepin's fainting D': and...well trying drawing poses...i DRAWED THIS. without realizing O.O LOL i LOVE Eva's expression on this x'D and i laughed like a stupid looking for this sketch...

More below,
:blush: A little moment of intimacy between Tristepin and Evangelyne...xD i dunno why i draw that...but i feel to draw that *A* forgive me...D':
then, to the right, a portrait of Eva smiling :'D and a cute astonished Pinpin ^-^

LOL i hope you like it....x'D
i just wanted show u how i sketchs....;)
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SylphDark Nov 3, 2012  Student Traditional Artist gusta ewe
Martyna-Chan Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks yaaa *A*
I love them friend :heart: When pinpin is falling into eva's chest hahah it kills me xDDDDD

And when they're kissing on the bed *.* It's cute!!! Colored it would be awesome and wonderful :heart:
Martyna-Chan Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know you should darlin :giggle: :heart:
Ahahahaha x'D i laughed really muuuuuch at falling, and fainting Pinpin Poor guy
I wonder what's happened to him and what caused him to faint upon to Eva's chest!? :faint: xD

...i've really fun with him xD Im really torturing him a little ^^; hahahaha but well i've fun act like that...u.u
:giggle: Aahahahahaha i think that if Pinpin see me drawing that will kills me :rofl:

Im glad ya like the kiss scene :) me too u///u but im a little embrassed watch it...xD hahaha what about the intimity scene? u.u i cannot do nothing for stop that....i love draw these two <'3
And im glad you like it my friend :hug: Thanks xD
No problem ^^
Hahah I understand you, It's a scene as romantic and beautiful that is hard do it ^^

But I love it so Muuuch :heart: xDDD
Martyna-Chan Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahahaha :heart: im glad you understand me :'D
And im so happy to know that you like that scene :hug:

I've really fun with it xDDDD I always sketchs them o:
if you know what i mean heheh:giggle:
MCMXC2 Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
So pretty:)
Martyna-Chan Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:giggle: Thanks ^^
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